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Our Treatments

+ Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a hands-on therapy used in the diagnosis and treatment of pain. It relies on manual techniques rather than medications. Osteopaths believe that when the body is in alignment and when it moves with ease then good health will follow.

A consultation typically involves identifying areas of restriction, hypermobility and compensation before applying manual techniques to optimise posture, promote muscle balance and flexibility, enhance blood flow to the tissues, alleviate venous and lymphatic congestion and relieve pressure on the nerves and internal organs.

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+ Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a centuries-old system of healing involving the insertion of fine needles at selected points on the body. Traditionally associated with Chinese Medicine and concepts such as Qi (energy) and Meridians (energetic pathways), much research has been undertaken in recent years to explain it’s mode of action in Western Medical terms. Modern-day understanding suggests its effects to occur locally, at the level of the spinal cord and centrally in the brain itself, resulting in pain relief for a range of conditions.

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+ Sports Massage

Sports Massage can be particularly beneficial for people engaged in repetitive or strenuous activity, such as recreational or performance athletes and those with a physical occupation. Techniques include massage and stretching to promote optimal range of movement, muscle balance and alignment.

It can be applied before a sports event or competition to stimulate and warm the tissues, increase flexibility and prepare the body for increased demand, after physical exertion to calm the tissues, aid recovery and encourage the removal of metabolic waste products, in between training sessions for peak performance and injury prevention, or as a rehabilitative therapy following tissue damage.

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+ Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a treatment which aids in the removal of excess fluid from the tissues, returning it to the circulation for redistribution or disposal. It involves very light-touch, slow, rhythmical pumping techniques and is particularly useful to alleviate swelling associated with injuries, lymphoedema, venous insufficiency, pregnancy and post-surgery. It is also used where lymph nodes have been removed or compromised as part of cancer treatment.

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+ Cupping

Cupping is an age-old therapy dating back to ancient Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern cultures. Treatment involves creating a vacuum inside a glass cup by burning off the oxygen using alcohol-soaked cotton wool passed over a flame. The cup is placed gently onto the skin, which lifts up due to the negative pressure inside./p>

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+ Treatment for Mothers and Babies

A woman’s body changes during pregnancy and in the post-natal period and has to adapt to the softening of ligaments, weight increase and alterations in posture. These can lead to additional pressure on joints in various parts of the body including the spine and pelvis. Osteopathic techniques may help to relieve these stresses and strains, leading to a more comfortable pregnancy and post-natal recovery./p>

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  • People of all ages, from the newborn to the elderly
  • Manual workers
  • Office workers
  • Pregnant and post-natal women
  • Sports people